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Wild Medicine is a natural way of healing. Your body is nature, it is designed in the most miraculous way. Everything in your body works as in nature with it's very own Eco-System. This Eco-System can be put out of balance by toxins, trauma, stress and disrupting the Terra Firma. Your gut should be loaded with a microbial population including viruses, bacteria, fungi and more. These microbes believe it or not are vital to our well being. Here at Wild Medicine, I can to help you restore these microbes in the right balance to give you the best health you can have.

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Balance in Life, Love, Food and Movement

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Total Gut Restoration

Heal from the inside

This is a 12 week program designed to repopulate your gut with a diverse and huge amount of healthy bacteria to help you truly begin the journey to complete health. This program has been designed to help people overcome even the most chronic illnesses. It will be specific to you with full support all the way through the 12 week program and beyond.

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