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Natural Medicine

Total Gut Restoration

12 Week Program

This program is designed using specialised spore biotics, prebiotics and gut mucosa healing products. This threefold approach increases diversity of good bacteria, feeds it and heals the gut lining.

If the gut works efficiently, the whole system follows suit.

You also get a completely personalised treatment program designed specifically for you including, food, movement and lifestyle treatment protocol.

This protocol works well alongside other treatments including antibiotics or natural infection protocols.

This is a huge step, one that will set you up for recovery and vibrant health.

We will work together to create the health you deserve.

Intitial and Follow up Plan

Save when you first book with me

When you first come to see me we use that time for gathering all of your relevant information and this is where I get to know you.

After this I make a treatment plan (protocol) for you to follow.

The follow up comes usually a couple of weeks later to see how you are progressing and where we need to make changes.

If you book these both at the same time you save money and can be assured of your next appointment.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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