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8 Things you can do now to increase your Microbiome's health

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

1. Eat Organic - Conventionally grown food is sprayed with many pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, They have the same effect on your own microbes as they do on the plants! Organically grown produce has a whole host of flora that is beneficial to you and the planet. Better still, grow your own and eat foraged food.

2. Eat a diverse range of fruits and veges - for many reasons! but one is that the more diverse your diet, the more diverse your gut bacteria will be. A healthy Microbiome needs to have huge amounts but also a wide range of types of microbes as well.

3. Eat Fermented foods - contrary to popular belief fermented foods won't repopulate your microbiome. These foods use bacteria and yeasts to ferment themselves, they have so many health benefits.

4. Avoid refined sugar and artificial sweeteners - These can feed bacteria and put everything out of whack.

5. Eat prebiotic foods - Fresh raw fibre rich foods from a trusted spray free source such as kumara, yams, nuts, legumes maca root and many more.

6. Spend time in nature - walk barefoot, lie on the ground. Research shows just a small time immersed in a natural environment can help repopulate your microbiome with beneficial bacteria.

7. Exercise - Studies have been done on the altered composition of the gut microbiata for the better with physical exercise.

8. Manage stress - Eat when you are calm, your digestive system is one of the first systems to stop working to capacity when you are under stress. Studies have shown that stress can change the bacteria in your gut

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